The Meek

The meek are a race native to Mythia's shores. They are small and frail but possess minds adept at engineering and building. The meek are often the target of both brutal raids and stalwart protection from the "larger" races


Meek stand between 3"4 and 5" tall with dark blue skin. They are generally humanoid but possess 4 fingers including the thumb and slightly larger heads then should be proportional to their bodies. Meek are almost always cripplingly weak, preferring instead to rely on larger and more physically impressive people to work with them in a symbiotic relationship to get the work of every day life done. Meek outnumber the other races, possessing greater population then the next two common combined. (Humans and Halflings)

The meek rarely live beyond 30 years and feel the effects of old age at just 20. The meek mature quickly however, and are fully grown and working in just 3 years; also their gestation period in the womb is just under 3 months, making them as quick to come as they are to go. Your average human will see nearly ten generations of meek before their life’s end so the longer-lived races commonly view the meek as not worth getting to know and deal with them with a superior stature or detached disinterest.


The meek are stereotyped as expert designers, planners, engineers and system-creators. They are capable technocrats, as they always enjoy a good logic puzzle or honing of a flawed system to a more perfect form. The meek however commonly lack the confidence for true leadership and often keep themselves below the “ceiling” that others have set for them.

The meek honor ideas, seeking new inventions or explosive world-altering ideas for glory and respect. Most of the technological advances in the world of Mythia have been because of the meek and for this the race has it’s fans. Those who do find their great invention often become fabulously wealthy and pass that money down the generational line. Almost never does this wealth come with a title or position of power, as no meek rules over others by choice. The race enjoys comfortable lives, full of the pleasures they can find and lacking hardship as much as possible. The meek enjoy full friendships and often knit together a strong community identity of helpfulness and teamwork.

Meek are named for whatever their destiny dictates that they will do for their life. Names such as “Master Inventor” are highly prized and ones such as “Good fixer” are worn with simple pleasure. Bad names such as “Strange and rude” and “Makes Good Pies” are less coveted but attempt to fulfill their destiny as they can.

The Meek

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